Business Information

DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry is an industrial and commercial organization established in 1965 and active in the production and sales of pharmaceutical products. It is one of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in Greece with a very strong presence in the hospital market, ranking first among the pharmaceutical companies in terms of sold units. Company’s vision and strategy is focused on the production of high quality pharmaceutical products with competitive prices, the marketing of innovative products for the relief of chronic disease and international export activities.

With an annual turnover of 123.500.000 € in 2015, and average annual growth rates of 8% over the past 10 years DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry ranks as one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the region. The company registers and markets under the brand name Demo, Noridem Enterprises Ltd and Bradex S.A. medicinal products in a number of countries within and outside the European Union.

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